Monday, July 30, 2012

A Perfect Proposal

A weekend road trip home with J
got a little sweeter when he decided to pop the big question.
I was totally surprised.
(And really glad I decided to wear a cute dress for the occasion instead of my usual attire of stretchies and a white tee.)

The story:
J picked me up early on Saturday morning to "go on a walk and to breakfast" with his family.
We arrived at a familiar park, got out of the car, and he snatched up my hand, as always.
As we were walking towards the playground
he suddenly led me down a little dirt path into a foresty area that runs right along side a beautiful brook.
I began to be the slightest bit suspicious...
Suddenly up ahead,
hidden among the trees,
 I caught a glimpse of a darling picnic area set up near the water.
It was complete with a bouquet of flowers, fruit, juice, mason jars & straws for drinking,  wicker picnic basket, a platter of delectable french pastries, vintage suitacses and a quilted table runner.
J asked me if I knew why I was there,
but I was so confused because he had tricked me into thinking my ring was unfinished and my father unasked.
But that sneaky boy had worked out all the details.
Then he leaned over and picked up something sparkly....
my ring.
Then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.
I was so excited I didnt even give him time to put the ring on my finger before I pulled him up into my arms and gave him a big smooch.
We sat for a while talking about our exciting future, eating a delightful breakfast, and then strolling around the park.
July 28th
was a blissfully perfect sort of day, 
and everything I ever imagined it would be.

And to top it all off,
 my wonderful future mother-in-law snapped pictures of the whole thing.
The pictures turned out incredible,
How lucky are we to be able to always remember this special day?
(check out all the pictures at here)

Dear Justin Zachary,
Thank you for being my forever.
I love you the most.
December 20th cannot come fast enough!

Oh Happy Happy Life!

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