Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicken Fried

An evening out with the Nelson's is a recpie for endless laughter.
To wrap up J and I's few days home,
 my parents took us all out to White Fence Farm
for a family style feast of fried chicken, corn fritters, and endless diet coke.
We fed the farm animals
(I even let them lick the food out of the palm of my hand, a mighty accomplishment for little Miss I-Hate-Animals over here!)
 and thew snacks to ducks in the pond.
We browsed through the little shops.
And played near the old treehouse on the restaurants front lawn.
Ry and I even stole ourselves a surprise from the 12-years-and-under treasure box
Family's are the best, I'm pretty sure.
We are sure going to miss you Colorado!
 1. Welcome!
2. Famers. (Straight faces have always been a struggle...)
3. The old chicken truck
4. Just riding his pretty little pony
5. Hats, hats, hats
6. Showing off his chest hairs!
7. You know I like my chicken fried...
8. We are secretly still 12 years old
9. Mrs. Moo Moo cow
10. Greedy little goaties/goatees.
11. The Decker's
12. The soon-to-be Thunell's

Oh Happy Life!

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