Monday, October 15, 2012

Almost Twenty Two

A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without one of Granny's famous black walnut cakes.
She used to make me one every year
and my Mama kept the tradition alive by baking me one this year to!
I die just thinking about the thick gooey frosting and moist walnut flavored cake.
Secretly, if black walnut were a wedding cake option, I would choose that in a heartbeat.

J and I came into town for his little sister's baptism,
which also ment a little early birthday celebration with my family.
We ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
I opened some classy gifts.
And then we gobbled up the cake (don't worry, i even brought 2 slices back to Utah with me).

It was a fun weekend with family.
But before we knew it and the 8 hour drive back to Provo was calling our names.
Luckily, my REAL birthday is coming up in a week!
And I have a handsome boy here in Provo to celebrate with.
Can you believe that this is the first time in 4 years that we will be together on my birthday?
I think that is the best gift of them all.

Twenty Two...
You are looking like an awfully fun year already!
1. THE cake.  Take a bite and you will propose to it instantly.
2. Taste testing some wedding sodas
3. Potential Christmas card pic

Happy ALMOST Birthday!  Oh Happy Life!

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