Monday, October 22, 2012


Today, is my golden birthday.
Twenty Two on October 22nd.
This birthday was splendid, as every birthday should be.
All day I received phone calls and texts from loved ones far and near.
I wore bright red lipstick simply because it makes me feel lovely.
I ate a frosted pumpkin cookie for breakfast.
And I scheduled a pedicure for myself this Thursday.
Then my love came over for a little late evening celebration.
J put 22 candles in a giant chocolate chip pumpkin cookie 
and serenaded me with a solo version of Happy Birthday.
I made one big wish on all those candles,
and luckily managed to get them out in a single try.
It was a simple day, but wonderful nonetheless.
Birthdays sure are exciting, don't you think?
Happy Golden Birthday!  Oh Happy Life!

1 comment:

  1. Jiggy is the BEST person ever. I love that he fit all those candles onto a cookie. Ha ha!!