Thursday, November 22, 2012


Ah, the annual Thanksgiving post.
But how wonderful is it has been to have an entire day to reflect on the many things I am grateful for.
And trust me, I have so very much to be grateful for.

I am grateful for an incredible fiance who I get to marry in just 28 more days.  A fiance who lets me eat the last bite of his roll (which also happens to be the softest/squishiest middle piece).  A fiance who who compliments me every day, who is an expert back tickler, who encourage me to be better every second we are together, who has so much patience, who works hard...and who agrees to model the silly festive dollar section hats for me.

I'm grateful for TWO wonderful families.  For both of their traditions, old and new.

I am grateful for a healthy strong body.  And for modern medicine that helps take care of those I love who aren't so lucky right now...

I am grateful for my Arvada girlfriends.  For those silly girls who threw me the sketchiest bachlorette party in the history of the wide world, who keep me laughing for hours, and who will all be bridesmaids in my wedding.

I am grateful for home.  For a week of a mold-less showers and home-cooked meals.  For morning chats with mama and errand runs with pops.  For snuggles with Buckie and a big fluffy bed.

I'm grateful for the opportunity of education. I'm grateful to love what I study and that I use it each and every day.

I'm grateful for my work family and Our House assisted living. Everyday at work I get to serve 21 of the world's sweetest spirits.  They are choice story tellers, world class dance partiers, and bingo connoisseurs.  

I am grateful for an upcoming wedding that will be the event of my dreams.  And a honeymoon that will give me a week of (much needed) relaxation in the Mexico sunshine.

I am grateful for for temples and the knowledge that families are forever.

And lets be real for a second, I am grateful for dad's special stuffing, pumpkin pie, and vanilla eggnog.
Oh my my, I sure love this turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving!  Oh Happy Life!

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