Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ikea, Ginger Cookies, and New Traditions

Since J served his mission in Sweden,
we decided to make our date night this week into a little Ikea adventure.
We actually went to look at a darling kitchen table we might get for Christmas,
and also because those Swedish meatballs are dang good.
I couldn't help getting all goggly eyed over their cute home decor
and the thought of having our own tiny apartment to decorate next month.
As we made our way out,
we stopped at the tiny Swedish grocery store on the bottom level.
J and I picked up some julmust, and pepparkakor.
The julmust is like a bitter grape soda that Swedes drink around special holidays like Christmas and Easter.
J loves the stuff, but it is still growing on me...
The pepparkakor are thin ginger cookies.
Tradition says,
that if you hold one of these cookies in the palm of your hand
and tap it until it breaks,
if it snaps into 3 pieces you will be granted a wish.
My very first cookie broke right into 3 even pieces!
And I think we may have just started our little family's first Christmas tradition.

Happy 19 More Days Until the Wedding!  Oh Happy Life!

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