Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Dress

I was one of those bride's who knew EXACTLY what I wanted out of a wedding dress.
Three-quarter length sleeves.
No bulk, no train.
My mama and sister came all the way from Colorado one weekend to help me with my dress search.
And I found it!
Right there on a mannequin, a size too small.
It didn't have three quarter length sleeves and did have quite a full back,
but I somehow managed to squeeze it on and fell in love instantly!
I had to order the right size all the way from Asia and it arrived just 3 weeks before the wedding.
But man oh man,
was that lacy, ivory, button-backed dress lovely.
Here are some of my bridal taken by none other than my sweet mother-in-law.
(Check our her blog out here)
Happy Dress.  Oh Happy Life!