Friday, April 19, 2013

Last Day

Where on earth has this semester gone?
Today it hit me that I only have 3 more final exams and in a week I will be walking at graduation.
This has been my best semester yet!  I loved each and every one of my classes.  I held down a part-time job that I adore.  I completed the loveliest of internships.  And all the while I have been soaking up my newly-wedded-ness with my sweetheart beside me.
Yes, this semester certainly has been a fantastic way to cap off my undergraduate career.

Speaking of my internship, last week I had my last day at the Meals on Wheels office.
I went out that morning to do some in-home senior reassessments (aka asking them lots of questions about about their lifestyle, diet, medications, etc.) and then stopped by the office.
I have been so spoiled by the sweet staff!
They greeted me with a box of fresh cupcakes, a cute little thank you note, and a gift card to target.
As I finished up my last bit of filing and paperwork before heading out, I browsed over the list of seniors I have visited with this semester.
What a surprise to realize I have been in the homes of over 50 seniors in the past 4 months!
I have heard the cute grandmas brag about the darling flock of grandchildren.
I have seen the sadness in the widowers eye as he speaks so longingly of his wife.
I have seen poverty in my own community.
But I have also seen darling little brick houses lined with daffodils and filled with memories.

Throughout the experience I have realized how passionate I am about the elderly community and how much these people need an advocate.
This opportunity has totally redirected my life and helped me set some big goals for the future.
But more than that, I have realized the overwhelming number of people around me who just need a little love and a little time.  Someone to listen to their stories, laugh at their jokes, cut up their meat, or give them a big hug the way out the door.

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