Sunday, August 18, 2013

Emergency Prepardness

My work is a wonderful environment. Every 6 weeks we have a company wide wellness challenge intended to help us build healthy habits in our lives.
The past challenge took me by surprise because it is all about EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS.
I'll admit it, in a teeny tiny baby apartment, it is HARD to make room for emergency supplies but we decided to take this opportunity to make it a priority.
Because you never know when there will be an unexpected zombie apocalypse natural disaster!
After a lot of planning, I put together a couple of 72 hour kits for the mister and I.
I made a list of the expiration dates for all the food items to include in our family binder so I know when to switch items out.
Everything is packed separately in gallon sized ziplock bags to protect them from water damage. We store everything inside of a backpack to make them easy to grab and carry in case of an emergency. 
It took a lot of planning to get everything prepared and organized but the peace of mind is well worth the effort!

The Loot

Food Bag*
3 cliff bars
1 jar peanut butter
2 packages Ramen Noodles
3 fruit cups
3 veggie cups
1 packet beef jerky
3 packets tuna
Jolly ranchers
9 bottles water
9 packets of your favorite water flavoring powder

*Also make sure to pack disposable silverware and napkins
*For some variety, mix up the types of fruit and veggies cups as well as the granola bar flavors (however, this is only for 3 days and it won't kill you to eat the same thing 3 days in a row)
*We avoided anything requiring a can opener or extra water for preparation
*Included a menu card for each day 

Toiletry Bag
Mini shampoo (+ mini conditioner for women)
Feminine hygiene products (women only)
1 bar soap
1 wash cloth
1 toothbrush
1 mini tube toothpaste
1 tube sunscreen
1 chapstick
1 mini hand sanitizer
1 mini pack kleenex
1 mini pack baby wipes
Feminine products (women only)
Mini brush
1 mini deodorant
1 mini lotion

Survival Bag
First aid kit (bandaids, antibiotic cream, alcohol wipes, etc)
Emergency blanket
Flashlight with extra batteries
Mini bottle bleach (for water purification)

Extra Clothes
1 pair underwear
1 pair socks
1 sweatshirt

Mini Set of Scriptures
Emergency Information Sheet (emergency meeting place information, copies of ID, phone numbers, insurance card, etc.)
$20 broken into small bills and change

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