Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Straight Fun

Once upon a Thursday, my husband finished his summer class finals and we rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after.
Aka: we both laid down exhausted but so excited to start his 2.5 week break from school before fall semester commences.
We have deemed that these 2.5 weeks are dedicated to straight fun.
I love coming home from work every night knowing I get to go on a date with that sweet mister of mine.

For starters we took an adventure to the city.
It all started by figuring our how to ride the FrontRunner.
We accidentally arrived an hour early, so to kill time we meandered around K-mart. Who even knew that place still exists? Turns out it does because my old work gave us gift cards there for Christmas last year. At first I thought "What the heck am I ever going to do with a Kmart gift card?". But then we ended up scoring a cooler that will be perfect for our camping trip this weekend!

In Salt Lake City, we caught a flick, grabbed a bite to eat, met up with old friends, (window) shopped,walked around temple square, and even poked around at the Norman Rockwell Boy Scout Exhibit currently on display at the Church History museum (P.S. it's a FREE exhibit. Score!).
My husband taught me to tie a square knot (right over left, then under, left over right, then under, pull) and reminisced about his scouting days.
If I learned one thing this day, it is my oh my do I hope we have precious little redheaded scouting babies!

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