Sunday, December 1, 2013


We are back in Utah after a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday in Colorado.
I love that place and I love my people.
The mister and I spent 9 blissful days snuggling under the tree, sipping hot cocoa, catching up with family, celebrating birthdays, and counting our blessings.
Good thing we will be back in just 19 short days!!! 
Not that we are counting or anything...

AND...because I can't resist my sister's new puppy, Grumples, here are far too many pictures of him! You can swoon over him 50 times if you want, he is THAT scrumptious!

Today also happens to be the first Sunday of Advent, a tradition I have loved since I was little.
The candle lighted this night represents the HOPE offered through the Savior Jesus Christ.
He came to the world to offer us salvation from sin and the opportunity to claim eternal life. His miraculous sacrifice for us is the ultimate symbol of hope. Without it, life in this world would be meaningless, impossible, hopeless.

I am hopeful when...
I watch others endure their trials faithfully and cheerfully.
I get to know my Savior by reading about his life in the scriptures.
I receive answers to my prayers. 
I see silent acts of kindness preformed by those around me.
I witness the goodness of husband's heart every single day.
I ponder the magnitude of my imperfection, but know doubtlessly that I am redeemed.

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