Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Belated Halloween

We love holidays, only Halloween is not my favorite. 
I almost considered not dressing up this year, but then I realized holidays are much more fun with a husband around! Having a family to celebrate helps keep the magic of mystical creatures, glowing jack-o-lanterns, and a bowl full of chocolately goodness alive. 

We didn't plan a couples costume (mostly because we make-shifted our costumes in the few days before Halloween), but never fear, I have the most spectacular idea up my sleeve for next year!
The night was simple with a trunk-or-treat for the neighborhood kids, but we had a ball seeing them show off in their darling costumes.
Somehow we managed to go through an extra large bag of candy on only 15 or so trick-or-treaters.
Probably because I inherited my dad's giant-handful-of-candy mentality; none of that one-piece-per-kid stuff. 
(Besides all the pieces we sneaked while the kids were walking around that is...)

You can tell that Justin was much more in character than me. He pulls off a big old baby awfully well, if I say so myself. Work that bib and bink, baby! 

No pun intended.

Happy (belated) Halloween!  

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