Friday, December 20, 2013

One Year

One year today, we have been married.
So much has happened since then but how I have loved every minuet!
Sure we disagree sometimes, but we always makeup and move forward. And that's what really matters.
This year we moved into our first apartment, bought a fish (or two), ate countless homemade dinners, and talked each other to sleep every night
We smooched and laughed every day.
I graduated and got a "real" job. You studied your hardest.
And everyday we dream about our future together.

You are my best friend, secret keeper, and biggest inspiration.
I love you immeasurably, my sweet bug.
I cannot wait  to celebrate a million more anniversaries together. No, a million isn't nearly enough..infinity more anniversaries, that's how many I want to spend with you.

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