Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Adjusting back to reality has been a bit challenging after returning from our cruise.
Come on people, I spent an entire week thinking about nothing but my next diet coke and the current chapter in my novel. But I digress, our week in paradise had to end eventually and before we knew it, we were back in the blustery winter of Provo.
So we decided to jump back in with both feet!

Cue: Date to the Midway ice castles.

As though it wasn't cold enough outside, I convinced the mister to stop at Dairy Keen in Heber for a milkshakes.  It seems absolutely crazy unless you had had one of their milk shakes. But if you have, you definitely understand...Those things are to die for!

Next stop, Midway. 

The second we walked into the ice castles I felt like breaking out into my own rendition of "Let it Go" like I was Elsa herself. I'm not kidding, I thought I had stepped onto the set of Frozen or something! The castles were beautiful; we explored every inch of those things. What an amazing night! Even if our toes and noses were frozen by the end of it.

Cheers to being back. Cruise pictures will be coming soon!

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