Wednesday, August 19, 2015

30 Week Update

*I won't even apologize this week and just say that this is 2 weeks late being posted, per usual. 

The Baby
This week Baby T is as big as a cucumber. I didn't even have to buy anything special for my progress pictures this week because lately tomato+cucumber+red onion+feta+balsamic salads are my jam. Aka: our crisper is stocked with about 12 cucumbers at all times. Why I didn't think to plant cucumbers in our garden this year is beyond me. Anyways, this week I learned that from here on out, the baby will gain approximately half a pound per week. I love that this little muffin is chubbing up!

The Bump
J and I experienced an extremely funny pregnancy moment this week. I swear, pregnancy makes people say the darnedest thing. We ran into an old friend who started out the conversation by exclaiming "I didn't know you had you baby already!". Confused, I look down at my stomach, then back up at our friend. "Oh, I guess I didn't get a side view of you..." he replies. Ha! 

For the most part all the comments I have received about my growing bump have been extremely positive, so I haven't been bothered by the increase in attention. I love that this special time can be one of ONLY positivity. Because let's be real, that is ALL I need from other people right now. I am WELL aware of my growing, softening, stretching bod. I also love that my bump can make others smile. It makes my day every time to see someone catch a glimpse of me and spring a huge grin. :)

The Cravings 
Cucumber and tomato salad
Cinnamon crumb doughnuts

The Pros
The pros of this weeks really have nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with the wonderful people who will surround him once he is born.

For starters, it was a week filled with lots of family time! My mom took my sister and I shopping for fall goodies--Yankee candles and Bath & Body Works fall soaps. Be still my soul, the ginger pumpkin candle it utterly divine! It is taking all my will power, but I am forcing myself to wait to start burning it until September 1st. That almost counts as fall, right? 

Then, this weekend my sweet mama dropped off a complete dinner and bag full of yummy snacks, just to make life a little easier on us. We love that we moved back to Colorado just in time for this baby to be born. I can't imagine life with a baby without being surrounded regularly by the people we love most! We are so so so spoiled. 

The Cons
There really were no cons this week besides one pesky migraine! And you know, that whole sleep issue. But comparatively, it has been like a dream come true compared to weeks past! Dare I even say that I am enjoying the third trimester? 

The Husband
Maybe it is all my fluctuating pregnancy hormones, but this guy really has a way of making me weak in the knees lately. He says probably 102271 times per day how excited he is to finally hold JJ in his arms.. I am so happy that Justin is so invested in our little one and wants to be such an active part of his life. I know that he will always be JJ's #1 role model. 

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