Tuesday, August 4, 2015

28 Week Update

*I know, I know, I am the WORST about getting these things posted on time. I always write them, but am so bad about uploading the pictures. So per usual, this is about 2 weeks late being posted. Yikes!

The Baby
This week Baby T is the size of an eggplant. I was very happy for an excuse to purchase eggplant because it means I get to make one of my favorite afternoon snacks--eggplant bruschetta (recipe here *stop judging my ultra crappy photography skills from the early days of my blogging and just go make the recipe. So. Freaking. Good.). 

I love knowing that this baby could come out at any moment and (probably) be fine. I can't believe we are to the point where his development is nearing completion with the exception of maturing lungs and overall fattening up. However, despite how close we are getting to the end, I am grateful for each day he stays on the inside!

The Bump
Just like leaving the first trimester marked immediate and dramatic changes in my body, the same thing has happened with the third trimester. It was like "Oh Hey, I'm the third trimester and I'm here to take over your life!". haha! Truth be told, it isn't that bad--I just am not used to simple things like standing up, bending over, or getting out of bed requiring such an effort! If only those blissful days of the second trimester could last forever. *sighs*

All of these changes make sense however, because my bump is growing every day. Boy is that thing getting round! I fear that the day is drawing near when I may need to purchase an actual pair of maternity pants or a belly band. But hey, I'm happy that my pre-pregnancy pants worked out for me this long. Maybe I can get away with ONLY wearing stretchy pants for the next 3 months...  

I also had a doctor's appointment this week! I gained a whopping 3 pounds since my previous 24-week appointment (14 lbs total).

The Cravings
Sushi (unfortunately, this is one craving that has to go unsatisfied)
Watermelon lemonade 
Bagels and cream cheese
Fresh veggies from our garden

The Pros
As you likely saw in my last post, this week was my baby shower! That was certainly THE highlight of this week. J and I were amazed by the generosity of people around us and received most everything we need to prepare for the arrival of this little man. It also means that we got everything we need to tie up the last few loose ends with the nursery. I sure love hanging out in his nursery these days. His rocker is mega comfortable so it is my favorite spot to just answer emails or read my book.

Oh...and did I mention the bundt cake my mom ordered?

The Cons
I'll keep this brief because I described my sleep woes in depth in my last pregnancy update post. We'll just say that basically the hours of 10pm-5am are my worst enemy. I didn't know it was possible for a human to survive on such little sleep, but apparently that is my body's third trimester jam.

A Letter to the Little
Hey Little Man,

This was a rough week in general for me. Justin and I were dog sitting for my parents while they ventured to a family reunion in Missouri. We had to unexpectedly put one of their dogs to sleep while they were gone which was extremely sad because I was sure attached to that sweet girl. I came home from the vet just exhausted and defeated. As I was sprawled out on the floor under the swamp vent waiting for it to kick in and cool down the house, you started kicking me and didn't stop for a straight hour! I pulled up my shirt and watched my belly dance until you went back to sleep. The juxtaposition of the two events was such a sweet reminder of what a miracle life and how lucky I am to be pregnant. You really cheered me up sweet boy! I just know that you will continue to bring such joy into our lives--I am sure your were meant just for us. We love you so very much!

Love, Mama

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