Thursday, September 17, 2015

36 Week Update

This is what my husband suggests when I ask for more pose ideas...
The Baby
We are officially one month away from my due date! As in just 4 more weeks. As in just 30 days. As in just 720 more hours!!!!!! Can you tell how thrilled I am to be down to the final stretch? Sweet mercy I cannot WAIT until this boy is OUT of me. Well...actually, yes I can because I know he needs to bake for a few more weeks to maximize his health. But knowing that the end is near has got me all kinds of excited. 

At 36 weeks, my big baby boy is as big as a honeydew melon. Yum! Any excuse to indulge in some summer fruits one last time, right? I am also very happy to know that his lungs will be finishing up their development soon so he is getting very close to being able to breathe on his own.   

The Bump
It is growing, growing, growing. People still love to dramatically show their surprise when I tell them how far along I am (seriously, sometimes people don't believe me), but for myself, it has been amazing to see my bump get so big and round. It no longer looks like part of my body but like a beach ball has literally been inflated inside me. I am not quite sure what I was expecting, but it still surprises me every time I see myself in the mirror. Like BAM--hey there belly! I have to admit that despite everything, pregnancy is a time where I have felt extremely beautiful and feminine. Maybe it is because my sweet husband is constantly showering me with compliments (what a guy, right?) or maybe it is just because my body is doing something so incredible. Even though I have lost much of my muscle tone, gained nearly 20 pounds and everything is a lot softer/squishier, I feel confident because my body is healthy and thriving under the challenging physical demands of pregnancy.  

The Cravings
With the start of September and the slightly cooler temperatures, my taste buds have started yearning for pumpkin anything. This week I made pumpkin cookies loaded with oats, walnuts, and chocolate chips. I will have to make another batch soon because we ate them so fast that there were none left to take pictures of for posting the recipe. Ha! 

I also found a new winter fruit obsession now that peaches are no longer being stocked so readily at the grocery. Granny smith apples dipped in caramel anyone?

The Exercise
I am continuing to walk, walk, and walk some more. Nothing too exciting about this category, but I will make be sure to post about the 5K we are doing next Saturday.

The Pros
Our birthing class was certainly another highlight. This week we practiced positions for stage 1 and 2 of labor. Each day I have been practicing my breathing and relaxation techniques to make sure that I am mentally prepared for the strenuous process of birth. I have come to realize that birth is going to be just as much of an emotional marathon as a physical one. Right now, our focus is on purging our lives of stress, being as prepared as possible, relying on our amazing support system, and doing things to prepare our emotional health. For me this includes long walks outside, journaling, leisure reading, nesting, baking, and lots of snuggling with crazy little Thule. 

Another major highlight was having some sister bonding time courtesy of my ever-so-genersous mama. We got luxury pedis and then hit up Starbucks to indulge in a little pumpkin spice goodness. Plus it gave me uninterrupted time to pick her brain about all things baby, birth, and pregnancy. My sweet mama stayed home to babysit Gideon while we were gone. How is this relating to pregnancy you may ask? Well, with a basketball attached to you stomach, bending over becomes basically impossible. I have to ask my husband has to help me fasten the clasps on my church shoes each week, so there is seriously no way I could stay bent over long enough to pain my toenails. Moral of the story is that my feet were in need of a little pampering. I just wish the foot massage could have lasted like 2 hours longer! And of course, we met at my sister's home so I got to cuddle her sweet baby Gideon before and after our pedicures. Don't tell her, but I think that may have been my favorite part of the day. He sure is a scrumptious little man. Nom Nom Nom!

The Cons
Besides my growing aches and pains, I can't complain about much! It does seems like my emotions have been a little on the wonky side the last couple weeks. I think it is just the mix of the impending changes in our lives combined with my pregnancy hormones. For instance, this week I had to take my sweet Thule to the vet. I literally cried watching them pin her down to give her a rabies shot. Can you imagine what I will be like when JJ has to get a shot? I basically cry at least once every single day. Happy, sad, excited, you name the emotion and it makes me cry. I should probably stop watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition at the gym because I tear up every single time. And people at the gym already look at me with all kinds of crazy eyes when they catch a glimpse of my belly.

A Letter to the Little
Hi Baby Boy,

The weeks are flying by, but the days seem so long because I am so excited to meet you. I have probably packed and re-packed your bag for the hospital 5 times just imagining dressing your in your adorable coming home outfit and finally bringing you home. EVERYTHING is now ready for your arrival. We put together your brand new swing (thanks Grammy!!!) this week, which was the LAST loose end. 

It has been a sacrifice to get to this point, but I wouldn't change a single thing because you are so so so worth it. I will miss having you on the inside where I know you are safe, but I know that life is all about experiencing things that allow us to grow and progress. There will be great times and hard times, but no matter what happens we will always be here for you. We love you so much!

Always Yours,


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