Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Hallelujah for reaching the first official day of fall! Though I have to be honest, my house got its fall makeover a couple weeks ago. I'm impatient, okay? My fall decorating jam has never really been too halloweeny (though don't get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween), so basically our house is filled with pumpkins, gourds, wheat and corn rather than spider webs and skeletons. I planned ahead this year and planted TONS of pumpkins in our garden for decorating purposes, but unfortunately, after picking just two, the rest were gobbled up by some pesky little critter. So naturally, we just HAD to plan a trip to the local pumpkin patch to replenish our stores.

There is nothing better than hayrides (even when you are 9.25 months pregnant), corn mazes, pumpkin launches, lots of hand holding with a cute guy, and of course, pumpkins for days. And I solemly promise that I didn't steal a pumpkin under my shirt, though my belly might try and convince you otherwise. 

Welcome Autumn!!!


  1. The best day and you look so cute and festive!!

  2. This looks like so much fun!! We don't live near any pumpkin patches, but I'm convinced we need to find one now :)