Friday, September 4, 2015

Fall Kick Off

While I am busy day dreaming about chunky sweaters, caramel apples, pumpkin treats, and Wellies as we bid farewell to summer, my husband has just one thing on his mind--FOOTBALL.

And poor guy, most of the pro games are on Sundays so he has only ever attended a pro game once in his life! He has been working like crazy lately (we're talking multiple 15 hours days each week), so it was such a treat to find out that he won some Bronco's tickets from a client at his work! It was a pre-season game against the San Fransisco 49ers, but it was still such a blast. Obviously I had to go out and purchase a Bronco's shirt to show my team spirit. Was the orange shirt and orange hair combo too over the top? I couldn't resist buying the most outrageous fan apparel I could find. A good thing too because the Instagram photo I posted was chosen to be put on the BIG screen at the next game. Cool, right?

Though I am not the biggest football fan in the world, I can't resist a live football game. And The mister even bought me a $6 Diet Coke. He knows the way to my heart, that man. Attending this game has really got me swooning over the quickly approaching fall season. Perhaps we will have to attend some football games of the local high school to keep the spirit alive. Seriously, fall can't get here soon enough!


  1. What's a Wellie? And I am pumped for fall things too!!!

    1. Wellies are those big rubber boots! You know the pair I have in Olive Green? You should probably get a pair. They are the best for rain or snow.