Sunday, September 6, 2015

34 Week Update

The Baby
It is awfully convenient to be a nearly full-term pregnant mama in the fall because it seems like the next several weeks the baby will be the size of all the best autumn vegetables. How on earth would I take these progress pictures otherwise? Like seriously, where do you find a butternut squash or a pumpkin in June? 

This week, Baby T is as big as a butternut squash! According to my handy dandy pregnancy app, the baby listens attentively and will recognize the songs sung to him from this point on. I try to sing him lots of primary songs and nursery rhymes throughout the day. And let's be real, lots of Taylor Swift too. 

The Bump
It has definitely grown into a nice round ball. I haven't remembered to weigh myself the past 2 weeks, so we will have to wait and see how much I have gained at my next appointment. We are so excited to have another ultrasound here soon to determine the position of our little peach and get a general idea about his size. 

The Cravings
Not much has changed since my last update--I am savoring the last few weeks peaches will be in season by stocking up on them every week at the grocery. I could also eat pizza every single minute of my life, which my sweet Justin happily allows quite often. Lately I have also been having a love affair with corn flakes, rice krispies, and other bland, cold cereals. Topped with some whole milk, it is the best late evening snack!

The Exercise
Walking, walking, walking. My dear old dad comes to walk Sloan's with me a few times each week. I feel bad for the poor guy because I know I slow him down, but he does it anyways. I am trying to clock 15-20 (slow) miles a week because I am trying to stay in shape for the Race for the Cure 5K coming up in a few weeks.

Keeping fitness goals throughout pregnancy has really helped me stay motivated and go to the gym or get in a walk even when I am sore, tired, or just plain don't feel like it. Even something as simple as a stroll around our neighborhood makes all the differences!

The Pros
We started out birthing class!!! We have no judgements towards anyones birthing preferences, but for us, we are electing to try for a more natural scenario (by natural I mean staying away from as many medical interventions as possible). We registered for a class that focuses on natural birthing and in my own time, I am also doing independent research/practice of hypnobirthing techniques. There are 5 other couples in our class all of which are expecting their first babies. Even after one week, we are already so happy we signed up! It has been a tremendous experience to spend time bouncing ideas off of the other couples, hearing their pregnancy experiences, and just connecting with those who are in the exact position as us. Plus, it is a fun 3 hour "date" with my mister who has been so so so busy with work and studying! Our first class focused on basics of birth, which was an excellent refresher; but I am excited to dig deeper into the stages of labor and laboring positions next week.

We also had an appointment with a special OBGYN this week. Besides the doctor confirming that the baby is HEALTHY and GROWING, we also got to have one of those high tech 3D ultrasounds. Holy moly it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! All of his facial features were so clear--he truly is a little human! And by the looks of him, we can already tell that he has inherited those strong Thunell genes. Those little lips, I die! 

The Cons
It has been a really positive couple of weeks! I am uncomfortable and sore 99% of my life, but I honestly can't even remember what "normal" feels like anyways. But overall, I am just so happy to know that my babe is healthy, that my body is doing everything it should, and that he will be here so so so soon! 

Plus, my grad program started and I love the curriculum of my class. All of my fall decorations are up. A can of pumpkin is on my counter waiting to be baked into some chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Thule is running around like the crazy little idiot kitty that she is. My house is clean. And we have good friends coming over for dinner in a couple hours. Life is so so so sweet! 

The Husband 
If our birthing class is any indication of this guy's reaction to actual birth, I just know he will be a champion birthing partner. He is so calm, patient, and attentive. As we have been learning more about the birthing process, I am realizing just how much stamina and perseverance is required by the birthing partners. It's not just hard on the mama, people! It has been touching to see how methodically he considers the different techniques to try and figure out a plan for what will work and what won't work. I am sure he must be nervous but you would never know because he is just so excited and so focused on the positive. He is such a strength to me, especially lately when I can't help but let my nerves get the best of me. Man this man makes we swoon!