Monday, September 14, 2015

Viva Las Vegas: Part 1

Pregnancy brain is a real thing, which has been quite challenging for me because I have a majorly Type A personality. Throughout my pregnancy I have been forgotten little things on a daily basis, but it's the big things that really get me! For instance, a couple months ago I forgot we had $400 in flight credits from a flight we switched last year....and by the time I remembered, we had only one month to use them! Oops.

We didn't want them to go to waste BUT the Mister couldn't take much time off of work, so instead we decided to take a last minuet trip somewhere close and cheap--LAS VEGAS. I was a little worried because you hear a lot of sketchy things about that place. But I was convinced that we could find ways to avoid the sketchiness and have some good clean fun. I was certainly right and this trip didn't disappoint. What a very little, very last minute baby moon we had!

We stayed in the Circus Circus. Now I know what you are thinking when you hear Circus Circus, but we got upgraded to a super nice suite and loved being a little distance off of the strip. We spent the mornings sipping sodas next to the pools before catching the monorail to the strip for shows, exploring hotels, visiting the "Worlds", eating lots of delicious food, shopping, and of course, just enjoying time together. Even though we did so many exciting things, I secretly know that my husband's favorite activity was just swimming at the pool. He was like a little kid, splashing around as much as he could. Isn't he a handsome little fish? He even convinced me to get in a few times because it was like 50 million degrees. 

Yum! Look at that hunk! *swoons*
Back when I thought I looked super pregnant. Ha! Little did I know what the next few months had in store....

We caught our first glimpse of the strip as our plane was landing, so one of the first things I wanted to do was get out and explore! You could spend hours there and not even get close to seeing everything. The lights were just outrageous; unlike anything I have ever seen. Obviously we are not much for the night life, but it was fun to just walk around hand-in-hand with my sweetheart and soak up the excitement of the city.

View from the sky!
The High Roller

We spent a lot of time wandering around the hotels. Sounds boring, but each one is so unique and has so much to see. My favorite hotel was the Bellagio. We stopped to watch the fountain show every time we passed by, but inside was also absolutely over-the-top. There was a little theme garden that they switch out throughout the year. While we were visiting, the theme was "underwater" complete with flower mermaids, fishes, and a treasure chest. Maybe next time we will be able to stay somewhere like this!
The Bellagio!
The ceiling inside the lobby--all of these are made of glass! It was so beautiful. 

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  1. I want to frame the photo of the glass ceiling! You guys look good relaxing by the pool and adventuring around!