Saturday, October 10, 2015

38 Week Update

The Baby
At 38 weeks, the baby is FULL term and the size of a pumpkin. So what better place to take bump update pictures than on our date to the pumpkin patch? I keep joking that the baby better come before 40 weeks because he will be as big as a jack fruit and I have no idea what that is or where to find one. Keeping my fingers crossed that he arrives soon! Like today maybe? 

The Bump
Now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I have been having more doctor's appointments, making it easier to track my weight gain. I am now up by 21 pounds. Although it has never been important for me personally to track my weight, I know it keeps the doctors satisfied as a marker of the baby's growth and the health of my pregnancy. I thought I had gained a little more because my belly seems to have popped out in the last week. Seriously, just look at that thing--it's HUGE. And I just love it! It is about time I start looking as pregnant as I feel... haha! 

The Cravings
Milk, Milk, Milk. Not sure where this is coming from, but I can't get enough. It is only slightly embarrassing to admit that we ran through 4 gallons of milk in a single week. Perhaps it is because we just entered the fat soluble vitamin portion of my metabolism class and I was reminded just how much I need vitamin D now that winter is approaching! 

The Exercise
Last week my mom, Justin, and I participated in the 2015 Race for the Cure 5K. It was fun to be able to do something active as a family and enjoy the new season. The weather was cool and crisp and the atmosphere was electric! I sure have have missed the thrill of race day! 

At this point, even housework feels like a full blown workout, so I am basically limiting my workouts to walking and stretching, but mostly just walking. All the time. I have also heard that this is a really great way to induce labor, so walk I will. Whether it is at one of the beautiful parks (hello fall leaves!) around our home or up and down the Christmas isles at Hobby Lobby, I have been clocking some serious milage.  

The Pros
The excitement is building now that we know he could arrive at any moment. Or in 3 weeks. Since there is no way to tell when he will make his debut, I am focusing on keeping myself occupied to avoid going completely bonkers with anticipation. I have had Braxton Hicks contractions for the past several months so every day I try and convince myself that they are stronger or more regular, but much to my dismay, no real labor yet! Though I have to admit, it is SUPER nice to have a few last days to get things done before a baby enters the picture and takes charge of our schedule. I have gotten my Christmas shopping/gifts started, made dinner every night, had many meaningful Starbucks/lunch dates with friends, spent lots of quality time with Thule, filled up our freezer, posted lots of our old crap on craigslist, etc.            

The Cons
The stress of having a baby mid-semester while in graduate school hit me full force this week. To be as prepared as possible, I have been trying to get my work for the week done as quickly as I can in the week and NEVER procrastinate any assignments; however, it is just stressful not knowing if he will be born during a test week or before I have managed to get everything done. What if I missed a test? What if I fail a test because I am so gosh dang tired? Juggling a pregnancy/baby and school has been an eye opening experience. Never before has my education required me to sacrifice so much or had such significant competing priorities. But these challenges make me all the more grateful to be accomplishing two of my biggest goals simultaneously--higher education AND motherhood. It is humbling to have the opportunity to to set the example for JJ from the very beginning that you CAN accomplish your goals no matter what.

Also, I am convinced this little guy is facing posteriorly. I have all the characteristic signs--a kidney bean shaped belly, some serious back pain, feelings him move in my lower abdomen, and of course, just my motherly instincts. And since a sunny side up baby sounds like NO fun to birth so I have been doing a lot of special exercises to get him to twist around. Aka I spend a lot of time with my face on the floor and my tush in the air like I just don't care. Though I know he won't commit to any position until birth, I do know that the bigger he gets, the harder it is for them to move. And since he has ALWAYS been a real low rider (as my wonderful OBGYN likes to call him), I am worried he will stay that way! Any advice from my fellow mamas with experience in sunny side up babies?

The Husband
How this guy is managing to work full time, study for his next actuarial exam on October 30th (yeah, we didn't plan that well with the baby coming...), help a ton around the house/yard, attend birthing classes, assemble new IKEA furniture, and find time to spend quality time with me because he knows I need a little extra TLC these days is beyond me. Sometimes I feel guilty because I have to rest so much, but he always reassures me that it is the best thing I can be doing. He never complains about having to do double to allow me the time I need to rest and be comfortable. I know I say it all the time, but being married to this guy is like a dream come true! He made me a wife and now a mama and for that I will be eternally grateful.

And for posterity sake, here are some of his best one liners about pregnancy as of late. F'real....his guy CRACKS ME UP. 

"You try taking care of a pregnant woman sometime..."

"I can't wait until you are not pregnant anymore so I can hit you SO hard in the face...with this pillow"

"You know, in the grand scheme, labor is such a short period of time. So you really have nothing to worry about"

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