Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3 Months of Jay Wheeler

At three months old Jay:

-seems to be getting bigger by the second. A major growth spurt took over our lives at about 11 weeks (hello 8 hours of nursing between the hours of 6am and 6pm!) and he gained half a pound in 2 days. I believe he is now somewhere between 14-15 big ones. Pounds that is.

-was a champion throughout the holidays even with an incredibly irregular and sporadic nap and bedtime schedule. This child is so mellow and resilient. Even when we kept him up until nearly 10pm one night, he bounced right back and was ready for another full day of holiday fun. Every where we go people always tell me "you have such a good baby!" I have to thank my lucky stars for that because this kid truly is a dream.

-receives an inordinate amount of compliments on his gigantic blue eyes. I find myself buying blue clothes and dressing him in the color frequently because it really makes his eyes POP!

-is still rocking mousey blonde hair. The most frequent question I receive is "does he have red hair?!?" (because who doesn't love a redheaded baby, amiright?), but no red to report. More and more hair is falling out on the top, so pretty soon it will be difficult to distinguish Jay from a little old man. The hair he does have is WILD with a capital W. I smooth it down and brush it after every bath, but somehow it always manages to poke straight up on the top and in every direction on the back.

-is continuing to sleep better at night. He still wakes up (approximately) one (sometimes 2) time(s) per the night, but I don't mind. Going 12 whole hours without kissing every inch of his sweet face would be pure torture! So now his nighttime schedule is basically 7:30pm-7:30am with a dream feed before I go to bed and one other feeding.

-loves snuggling in our bed in the morning after daddy wakes up. It has become sort of a ritual that a few days a week when Justin wakes up he changes Jay's diaper and then delivers him to me in bed where I can nurse him and put him back to sleep for an extra hour. Although I say back to sleep, the second he falls asleep I usually smother him in kisses, accidentally wake him up, then have to put him back to sleep...repeat, repeat, repeat.

-drools buckets. I have purchased him a few of those darling bandana bibs to keep the slobber under control and his clothes/neck dry (it is hard to have 19274 chins you know).

-rolled over for the first time (!!!!) and has made tremendous strides in his neck strength. He can now use his bumbo and especially enjoys sitting on the counter keeping me company while I cook dinner or clean.

-finally accepted a paci! Out of wishful thinking, I randomly picked up a cheap pack of Nuk pacis at Target the other day. "They look just like the 18271 other pacis you have tried", I told myself. But since they were just 4 dollars, I caved and bought them...just in case. And low and behold, that kid chomped right down! Albeit he is a NOISY sucker (I can literally hear him chomp through the closed door) and still uses it more for fun than to be soothed.

-has finally gained real consistency with his bottle! He bascially accepts it without a fuss and will even let me give it to him now. I love to hold him straight out in front of me and give him the bottle because this little schmooze will look me straight in the eye the ENTIRE time. He knows how to woo his mama, this one

-enjoys his carseat more than just about any other place. He loves going on long walks/runs (#halfmarathontraining) and riding in the car. Thank the high heavens for that because we are going to attempt to take him on his first 8 hour road trip in a couple weeks! Wish us luck...

I'd say life is pretty dang good when you are Jay Wheeler Thunell!

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  1. I love his new smiles and all his rolls! Such a bid kid!!