Sunday, February 14, 2016

First Valentine's Day

We have never really been into Valentine's Day in the traditional sense, but I suddenly fell in love with this holiday now that we have a little one in tow. I can hardly contain my excitement for future years filled with handmade cards, school parties, and a special Valentine's Day breakfast. 

But alas, we have quite a few more years before Jay will be old enough for any of that. This year we celebrated at Grammy and Gramp's house along with little Gideon. My mom loves her grandbabies so much and spoiles them rotten every chance she gets!  She made a heart shaped meal--literally every single thing on the table was heart shaped. Hamburgers, eggs, veggies, cheese, ALL of it! She also got the boys new personalized library bags (we are all about those books!) filled with goodies. And of course, she can't resist an excuse to buy them a new outfit. Jay's shirt said "Ladies Love Me" and Gideon sported a onsie with a stethoscope decal that said "Dr. Love". Seriously, I about died! These two together are just TOO much.

After dinner we attempted to get a picture of the boys (aged 4 months and 6 months) smiling at the same time. That was about as easy as it sounds. Oh, the things a mama will do to get her baby to smile. There was clapping and noise making, baby talk and jumping around like a couple of looneys. But, in the end, after probably 100 shots, we got ONE winner. #worthit

And some of the out takes....
 We got one smiling!
 Shoot, now the other one is smiling.
 That ear looks nice. I must yoink it!
JJ praying the photoshoot would end!

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  1. Lololololol the outtakes!!! Poor JJ ear and I love him praying for it to all be over.