Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Months of Jay Wheeler

At five months old, Jay:

-'s hair loss continues! I didn't think it was possible, but his 95th percentile head became even more delicious when it went totally bald.

-started physical therapy to correct his torticollis. If you read his birth story, you would know that Jay was really really really reallyreallyreally SQUISHED in the womb. We're talking so squished that my belly never grew beyond a normal 34-week measurement because he just kept growing back and down instead of out. Anyways, all this squishiness resulted in him having a head tilt and unbalanced neck muscles from the moment he was born. Combine that with his ginormous head and a delayed diagnosis (Kaiser is the bane of my existence!! *shakes fist*) and he developed a  slight flat spot on the side of his head. We have been doing rigorous physical therapy in hopes of correcting the issue and avoiding helmet therapy. Right now we do a combination of daily strengthening and stretching exercises, intensive tummy time, and use of a re-positioning Tortle. He has been tolerating the treatment well (hello happiest baby in the world!). I have noticed that his neck is significantly stronger and more balanced; however, his poor little noggin is just not rounding out as much as we want it to. Next month we have an appointment with the developmental pediatrician to make a final decision about helmet therapy. Personally, I think he would be awfully cute in a helmet, but it is definitely our last choice. 

-visited the zoo for the first time! We purchased a year-long pass so I am definitely looking forward to spending many a summer eves strolling around among the exotic animals with my little man. Despite JJ's insistence that we do the African animals first (he loves his stuffed giraffe more than just about anything), I vetoed that idea and we spent the day visiting with the primates and monkeys. Did you know that the Denver Zoo has a new baby gorilla named Whimsie Adepa? She is the cutest little thing! 

-moved up to size 3 diapers and 9 months clothes. I think he weighs around 17 pounds these day, packing most of that weight in his cheeks and hiney. 

-continues to sleep well. We have had the hang of the whole night sleeping thing for a while now but and he seems to have finally figured out napping as well. He will now give me between 1-2 hours twice a day and then a shorter evening nap. This has been a huge lifesaver because I am neck deep in two huge papers and a second round of midterms in my graduate program. Except when he insists on being held for all 2 hours and pops his eyes open every single time I lay him in his crib. But I ain't complaining--2 hour nap is a 2 hour nap! 

-loves to experience the world in his ErgoBaby. Jay is so content riding around in this all day everyday. Especially since we are trying to keeping him off of his head as much as possible, he spends a lot of time in his carrier. We do chores, walk to the park, meet dad at the train station, run all of our errands, and cook dinner chest to chest.

-still loves reading. We visit the library every Wednesday and check out 15 new books, but we make our way through those in about 2 days. Because there are not enough kid's books in the world to satisfy this little guy, we also just wrapped up the fourth Harry Potter book. As you can imagine, Jay's 5-month little self is utterly captivated by the story. Aka: his mama really needed an excuse to re-read all of the book and Jay is happy to play with Topper (his stuffed giraffe) and listen.  

-is more like his dad every day. I swear my husband has to examine/feel/smell/taste EVERYTHING. It is just how he experiences new things. Jay is the exact same way. Whenever I present him with a new object, he will rub his hands over it again and again. Though Thule's fur definitely takes that cake as his texture of choice. Recently he has started chuckling every time she comes within his line of vision. But beware Thule, if that baby gets his hands on you, there is no getting away! It has also been fun to see him explore smells. He makes the silliest faces. His favorites so far are dryer sheets, lavender essential oil, and cinnamon.

-drool drools and drools some more. He soaks through at least 2 bibs every single day. I swear the only reason I do laundry is when he runs out of bibs. But alas, no teeth are popping through those gums yet!

-is all smiles. For mama (especially), daddy, grammy, rando strangers, our sweet neighbor across the street, bright lights, Thule, Taylor Swift on the radio, his physical therapist, the lightrail, etc. Whatever it is, he will likely be smiling at it. There is no way this little baby realizes this yet, but his sweet disposition brings so much happiness into my life. I was so so so sick after he was born. So so so sick! Somedays I thought I would never leave the house again. Somedays I would just cry nonstop from the amount of pain I was experiencing. This went on for days that turned into weeks that turned into months. Why did no one ever tell me that postpartum recovery is SO DANG HARD?#realitycheck But this little kid smiled through it all. Even when I felt like the worst mom in the world for being so weak and tired he would shoot me some grins and just tell me in his little baby language "it's okay, mama! You are doing great!" He got me through it, that kid. I sure do love my sweet little Jay bug!

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  1. JJ you are the best boy!! I love being your auntie for 5 whole months!!! You are such a smiley, laid back boy. And as you know I love your bald head and when you talk with that dreamy husky voice :)