Tuesday, February 23, 2016

4 Months of Jay Wheeler

At 4 months old Jay:

-has FINALLY mastered the art of sleeping. Okay, okay, I know that no baby is perfect in this sleep department but I am crossing my fingers that he doesn't hit the 4-5 month sleep regression too hard because we have a really good thing going. He sleeps from 7pm-5am with one dream feed at 11pm and then goes back to sleep until 7am. Sweet mercy I forgot how good sleep feels! Occasionally he still wakes up in the night, but those instances are becoming fewer and far between. Naps on the other hand, are a whole different story...Some days he sleeps like a champion for 2 hours stretches while other days he thinks 15 minuets is good for the day. #workingonit

-enjoyed cheering on the Broncos for his first Super Bowl. Justin is convinced that he is already a football fan. His outfit consisted of a football onsie, Bronco's tee shirt, and football beanie. Although he didn't make it until the end of the game, he certainly looked festive and daddy made sure to fill him in on the final score when he woke up. Go Broncos!!!!

-has begun to grab for things and hold objects in his hands. During diaper changes or bath time he will reach up and grab my arm and cling on the entire time. His favorite objects to grasp are his banana teether, his colorful play rings, his honeycomb ball (THESE THINGS ROCK!), and of course mama's hair. This kid's love language is definitely physical touch. When I let him nap on my chest he will smooch his face deep into my neck so my cheek is touching his cheek, forehead, and eye. Or if I can't get him to sleep, I simply have to reach my face down in his crib and rub my nose on his cheeks for 10 seconds or so and he is out cold.

-continues to chub up. I think he is somewhere in the 16 pound range these days. We just transitioned him to size 3 diapers and he wears 6-9 month clothes. I am sure looking forward to his 4-month appointment next week to see how much he has grown! 

-is so vocal, but only around people he knows well. He makes the funniest face when he gets talking--he kind of furrows his brow and puckers his lips. It cracks us up! Squawks, squeaks, squeals of all volumes and pitches are this kids jam. 

-lost most of his hair. He looks especially bald from the front and the wildness that is the back of his head looks even silleir than usual because he has a few bald spots to accent his mini mullet.

-has adopted a few new nicknames. The old ones (little mouse, JJ, J-dub, angle, angle sweets sweet angle, etc.) still apply but he is also now called Coconut (by his auntie) thanks to his ginormous head. Seriously, it is huge.

-can roll over from his tummy to his back but not the other way around. Boy will I be sad when we can't swaddle this little man anymore! Speaking of swaddles, he figured out how to bust out of ALL of his swaddles--manual, velco, sleep sac, etc. After a few failed attempts to get him to sleep without a swaddle, we figured out that a double, extra tight velcro swaddle will keep him burrito-ed up throughout the night.

-got a new carrier and his mama is obsessed with it. I loved wrapping him in my Moby when he was tiny, but now that he is getting bigger, he has been fighting it besides at nap time.  We invested in an Ergo Baby 360. I was skeptical about it because they are pricey, but I can happily report that it was money VERY well spent. He loves looking out and will ride in that thing around Sloan's Lake (almost 3 miles!), Costco, the library, etc. I love having him close and not having to bother with the stroller. 

-is such a little ray of peace and joy in our home. He has the calmest disposition, is easily soothed, is very observant, and loves to smile. This baby just fits with us. I am so happy he is mine.

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