Thursday, May 12, 2016

6 Months of Jay Wheeler

At six months old Jay:

-has knocked out another milestones and is sitting up unassisted like an absolute champion. He actually started this right at 5 months (because hello--have to keep him off of that precious coconut!), but after a month of practice he has truly mastered this skill.

-finally lost the swaddle. I noticed that he was fighting it at night and managing to consistently wriggle an arm out of even my tightest swaddles. And then one day he managed to roll from back to stomach (though I am certain this was a fluke because he has never even come CLOSE to doing it again) which was game over for the swaddles. So we cut him off cold turkey and surprising he has been sleeping better than ever.

-tried his first solid foods. I did give him a little bit of whole grain rice cereal purely to get some iron into his body, but he hated it so now we are all about the whole foods. Banana, avocados, and sweet potato seem to be his dishes of choice, but he has also tried applesauce and sweet peas. Typically he puts up a stink the first time he tries something new but by the the third time I introduce it, he is all over it. And by all over it, I mean practically attacking the spoon with his mouth to get more. We use a silicon or mesh feeders for some of the mushier foods, and then I make my own purees with breastmilk or cooking water. As he gets older I will use more of a baby-led eating approach; however, until he masters some of those necessary skills for eating, I just want him to get the food in his belly. So purees it is for a while.

-loves daddy. There is no question about this! Justin has been working some loooooong hours as he has been in the midst of actuarial exam study. We are talking he wakes up at 5am to head straight to work and gets home late late late each night. Well after Jay is in bed. But when these two are reunited Jay grins ear to ear and buries his face in Justin's shoulder. It melts me how chummy these two are.

-took his first out of state trip. We ventured to Utah for 4 days to attend a wedding but also to introduce Jay to our alma mater. He picked out his own BYU shirt (hence this month's photoshoot outfit), walked around campus, and tried his darndest to steal a bite of his mama's Jdawg (to no avail, might I add). He was a real trooper the whole time despite have a sporadic nap schedule, many late nights, and long car rides. This gives me hope for some of the trips we have in the works right around the corner.

-has finally sprouted some fluffy white wisps of hair. They are not visible in any pictures because there are literally SO white, but they are just soft as can be. I cannot resist running my fingers through them any chance I get. We are also pretty sure that he inherited both his mama's widow's peak and his daddy's cowlicks.

It has been a fun half a year little man! Stop growing so fast, won't ya?

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  1. His. Blonde. Hair.

    IT'S MY FAVORITE!!! Also his legs in shorts, also his talking, also everything about him.