Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Flat Headed Saga: Scan Day

Technology is the bomb dot com. Can you believe that even just a few years ago the standard protocol for fitting kiddos with helmets was to cast a plaster mold of their whole head (including their eyes)? Can you imagine how scary that would be? Those were some brave kiddos and parents who endured this! See what I mean? #yikes

Thank the high heavens that now the process is much, much simpler. Which is good for a mama's heart, ya know? Seeing your baby uncomfortable or upset is the absolute pits. 

Jay's scan day was a quick, easy appointment. First his head was covered in a tight fitting cap to hold down his hair (not that he even has any) and give a clearer picture of his head shape. Then the orthotist has me place Jay in the special scanning machine. As I attempted to describe the process to my husband, the best explanation of the machine I could come up with was a baby tanning bed, except with closed sides and an open top. His hands had to be restrained (by me), but besides that the scan was so easy. Just a quick 3 seconds and it was over. Mind you, he had to be scanned 5 times because he kept moving his head, but I would take 15 seconds of scanning over the plaster mold method ANY day. 

The scan takes 3D images of his head and gives super accurate measurements so his helmet can be very precise. The orthotist pulled the images up on to the screen and reviewed his measurement and the projected improvement. Then we signed on the dotted line and the order was placed that same day.

Easy peasy. We were in and out of there lickety split. I wish all of our appointments could run so smoothly!


  1. Your little guy is very cute! Will he have to get a helmet? I've known so many babies with those now!!

  2. Good job JJ!! Auntie loves you in your tight knit cap. You look like a gangsta.