Wednesday, June 15, 2016

7 Months of Jay Wheeler

At 7 months old Jay: (umm...forgot to push publish on this post a month ago when I wrote it. Oops! #mombrain)

-spoiled his mama rotten for her first mother's day. Motherhood is an interesting thing. So messy and routine yet somehow an indescribably rewarding and inspirational job all wrapped up into one. It is so fun to have a day to reflect on the joy of motherhood and what a tremendous blessing it is to be a mother. Justin took care of all the nitty gritty (cooking, picking up, JJ care, etc.) so I could just relax. And they also spoiled me with cinnamon rolls, flowers, dark chocolate, a new lavender jasmine candle, and herbal tea! *swoons*

-is around 18 lbs these days, my little chubby muffin! Still rockin those size 3 diapers and size 9 months clothes. We will have to bump up him to 12 month stuff anytime now.

-continues to develop his skill set. He now can reach just about anything he wants--even if he has to stretch to get it. He rolls from front to back (and now does this the second I lay him in tummy time, little sneaker!) and back to side. He is perfecting his pincer grip and gumming food. He also gives big bear hugs. It is the cutest thing ever.

-has enter the phase where he really enjoys reading. Before I felt like I was reading at him, but now I am definitely reading with him. We just wrapped up the 5th Harry Potter book (I read to him while nursing and during his morning and afternoon independent play time), as well as our mountain of weekly library books.

-got his helmet! Man does he look cute in that thing! He has also tolerated it really well. We had exactly 1 ROUGH night but then he was right back on track. Can I just say, those things are Ah-MAZING. We noticed his head change even within 24 hours of full time wear. I am relieved by how easy he transitioned into the helmet and that improvement is noticeable. It will be exciting to get a measurable progress update at his adjustment appointment in a couple weeks.

-has developed quite the sophisticated palate. I am continuing to introduce new things and have noticed that he has obvious preferences; however, he never rejects anything. This month we added butternut squash, prunes, spinach, chicken, blueberries, and chick peas to his diet. Surprisingly, of all these delicious things, plain spinach and plain butternut squash are his favs. #veggielover #justlikehismama

-is becoming so friendly. As though his ginormous blue eyes didn't attract attention before, now his helmet sure brings the ladies to his yard. It seems like every single lady over the age of 40 stops us. Although this does make grocery runs twice as long as they need to be, I don't mind because Jay lights up with a smile every time. He loves interacting with others. This kid has got some serious game!

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