Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Flat Headed Saga: First Adjustment

It appears that the stars have aligned in our favor with this helmet. Today we had Jay's first helmet adjustment and we got some great news. Over the past month Jay's head grew by over a centimeter, which is a lot in terms of normal baby growth. It probably means that he got into the helmet just before a growth spurt. And since these helmets work based on how quickly the skull grows, that means we timed it just about as perfect as possible. Of the centimeter growth, over half of that was in a corrective direction. AKA in a way that makes his coconut more round! So now his cranial vault asymmetry is just 5.5mm as opposed to 13mm at his initial scan. It is unusual to have such rapid changes, but we are thrilled. Hopefully he has just one more month in the helmet and will shave a few more millimeters off.

It makes all the stinky heads, helmet scrubbing, and hour drives to the appointments worth it! 

Now I'm off to enjoy covering that little coconut in a million smooches until his helmet has to go back on in 12 minuets.

***Sorry about the blurry pictures--I just took this off of the computer screen at our appointment. The red line is his head 4 weeks ago. The blue line is his head today. Isn't that progress amazing? 

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  1. Thwartin' his flat with his sorting hat!! GO JJ GO!! So proud of you for persevering through the helmet through the summer brave boy.