Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Cupcake Gift Boxes

Birthdays are the best.
Mostly, I just love a good excuse to celebrate!
The parties.
The cake and other fattening goodies.
The decorations.
The gift giving.
And just a brief moment in the busy-ness of day to day life
where I get to to commemorate the life of someone so special 
and tell them just how much they are appreciated, loved, and cherished.
Yeah, birthday's are the best.

Especially lately, as I am 
1) Living the "poor college student" dream
2) Trying to pay for my study abroad to Jerusalem
I have been working the homemade gift thing.
Here is a taste of one of my latest gifting endeavors.
And this WHOLE adorable little package cost less than 10 bucks, mind you.

 cupcake gift boxes...
(find the tutorial for this gorgeous idea at


 each hiding a little treasure inside.
Flower headbands.
Anthro inspired bead and knot bracelet.
Fabric button earrings.
And an IOU for one downtown girl date to Gigi's cupcake shop.
Birthday Bliss, if you ask me.

Happy Birthday Miss Madi (sorry I'm a smidgen late..)!  Oh Happy Life!


  1. Cute boxes, cuter goodies inside! Love the idea of making presents to save money and make it personal.

    When will you start selling stuff on Etsy Linny?? Everyone would but EVERYTHING you sold there.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOk Miss Lindsay, those boxes are darling. You are darling. The gifts are darling. Can we skype and make paper chains to count down the days until you get here??

  3. LOVE IT!!!! You are so creative! Will you show us how to make these?