Saturday, March 24, 2012

3 wishes.

Saturday morning 
I drove down to Salt Lake to celebrate with my best friend's aunt and uncle after they were sealed to their sweet baby girl for all time and eternity.
The weather was a glorious 70 degrees 
which meant a serious case of highway hair from driving with my window ALL the way down 
and a stappy little pair of sandals.
Did I mention this friend gets home from his mission in *cough* 19 days?
Yeah don't worry, I'm not even excited at all or anything.

I pretended to watch the kids while everyone was inside the temple.
But mostly just laughed at the silly rambunctious boys,
reminised about high school tennis with Madi (who is a stud player their year!)
and walked the perimeter of the temple pretending to be a gymnast balancing on a beam with Emma.

Per Emma's request, I somehow managed to fish 2 pennies and a dime out of my purse.
For wishes of course.
Only one rule to the game:
you can't tell anyone your wish or it won't come true.

Happy Summer in March! Oh Happy Life!

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