Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happiness Is...

A job where scrubs is your uniform.
It is literally like wearing sweats to work...maybe even better.

Passing my practical chemistry exam on the first try.
Calcium Chloride, I dominated you.
Just saying.

A sunny spring day in Salt Lake
attending conference with my darling roommate Cami. 
Along with a breakfast date.
And probably a lunch date too.
I assert that it doesn't get much better than conference weekend.
Go listen to a prophet's voice here.

A spicy new royal blue pencil skirt
and 4 inch peep toe wedges.
Yeah, I'm probably 6 foot on those things.

Discovering (thanks to the coercion of my roommate) that I don't really hate cadbury mini eggs after all.

12 days.

Oh Happy, Anxious, Busy, Wonderful Life.

"Be kind. Be grateful God is kind.  It is a happy way to live."
--Elder Jeffery R. Holland

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