Monday, March 12, 2012


BYU's lack of spring breakage always leaves me itching for a weekend off this time of year.
And since I'd never been to Idaho,
I figured that quick jaunt to Oakley was well overdue!
After class on Friday
I packed my bags, bought a giant ice cold diet coke, and hit the road.
I made sure to leave every bit of homework behind.
And even my laptop too.

The weather has been a delightful 60ish degrees for the past few days
so I rolled down the windows and blasted my music as I went.
And beside having a wee GPS mishap
that nearly got me stuck in the cellphoneserviceless, muddy, snowy mountain roads
I arrived safe and sound.
And those wonderful Wadsworth boys even surprised me by washing my car the next day!
That thing was a one muddy mess!
But we don't have to talk about that part of the journey...

Koryl gave me the grand tour of Oakley!
A darling itty bitty little town right smack dab in the middle of no where.
Her highschool, the church, and Clark's corner store were major points of interest.
Its the kind of town where people wave at each other as they drive past.
Where the sky lights up with stars every night.
Where you can look around in all directions and only see the beautiful rolling hills
covered in golden grass.
We walked up the dirt road near her house,
rode horses,
and attended a community play in town.
We painted nails, baked cookies, and entertained Koryl's nephew baby Wyatt.
We talked about boys, Alaska
 and the grand adventures greeting both of us so soon.
Not to mention I was treated like a princess eating home cooked meals for 2 straight days!
Yum. Yum. Yum.
On Sunday, Koryl gave a incredible talk about our time in Israel.
It absolutely melted my heart
and made me again realize all the reasons I fell in love with that place.
Gosh, it seems like I just can't get Jerusalem off the brain these days!
Is it time to go back yet?

It was hard to leave Oakley,
but even harder to leave behind a friend who's company I treasure so much.
Oh Oakley,
your chivalrous truck driving boys and wide open spaces may have just stolen a little piece of my heart.
I'll be sure to come back and visit you soon

But for now,
it's back to Provo and back to the books. 
Oh Happy Life!


  1. sounds so fun! i love the boot pic :)

  2. This looks so fun!! Loving your blog. You are gorgeous!