Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hide and Seek

Tuesday mornings are wonderful.
For one thing, I have my food science lab.
Aka: don't eat breakfast because your face will be stuffed full of deliciousness.
Today, was the meat lab.
At first that sounded horribly gross, slimy, and unexciting,
but then my TA announced that we would also be wrapping up our freezing processes unit.
Steak, ice-cream, and cherry pie for breakfast? 

After classes I meandered over to Costco.
Mostly because I was feeling too lazy to make lunch
and everyone knows Costco=sample heaven.
Lucky for me, they were having a killer sale on scrubs.
Who even knew Costco sold scrubs? 
Honestly, that place never ceases to amaze me...
Naturally I snatched up a pair of super springy ones.
Now I just need to get home and scavenge out my old pair of crocs.
Obviously, my job is glamorous.
On a whim I also purchased a massive bag of broccoli and some almond butter.
I have a theory that a person's life can be summed up by the purchases they make at Costco. 

In other news,
we are down to the 36 hour range.
Panic is thick in the air
but so is happiness.
Ready or not...here I come.
Happy Perfect Pie Lattice!  Oh Happy Life!

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