Thursday, May 3, 2012


Between 7 killer finals, 
a quick trip home to Colorado,
new roommates moving in,
old roommates (aka my soul sisters that I already miss desperately) moving out,
spring classes starting,
 and just reuniting with this one kid that I might just really like a whole heck of a lot or something
my mind has been...
the past couple weeks.
My apologies for neglecting this little blog of mine.
But as life has finally settled back into normal
 I figured it was high time for an update.
Instagram style.
(Yes, I finally realized that I live in the twenty first century and hopped on the smart phone bandwagon.)

1. Road trip glory
2. Polar pipes
3. Springy scrubs (and crocs)
4. Wednesday date night

P.S. Remember that wonderful sister of mine? She is hosting an incredible giveaway over here
If you know a special mama who lives in Colorado you will WANT to enter this giveaway.
Trust me.
Sarah over at Ladybird Poppy is the flower artist who did my sissy's wedding
 and she is giving away a special Mother's Day arrangement!
  Seriously, best thing ever.

Oh Happy Insta Life!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Linny thank you for the shout out! Sarah is so amazing-Ladybird Poppy is just the cutest.

    Glad to see pics of your scrubs and date with the Jig Master :)