Saturday, May 5, 2012

4 wheels

After class on Friday,
J and I headed up the canyon with his grandparents 
to spend a few hours four-wheeling in the mountains.
We probably had a picnic lunch of good old-fashioned lunchables and soda pop.
J mostly drove while I just enjoyed the ride
 soaking up the sunshine
and taking in the beautiful Utah views.
We even made our way to a little lake hidden somewhere up in the forest.
The trees were beginning to bud and birds were chirping everywhere.
Hopefully a sure sign that spring has finally decided to make a permanent apperance.
I did drive for a bit!
And besides hitting an unsuspecting snake that so stupidly crossed the trail directly in front of a roaring ATV,
I think I did well for (practically) being a first timer!
We were exhausted and caked with dirt head-to-toe by the end of the day
(three shampooings later and I STILL may not have gotten all the dirt out of my hair)
but had a most incredible afternoon.
I think I certainly foresee another trip or two like this occurring before summer is over!
1. Windmills
2. Taking a rest
3. Happiness
4. Sooo dirty
5. I probably had to rock a hot bun
6. Overlook

Happy Four-Wheeling!  Oh Happy Life!

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  1. I love this very much. And I love you. And the mountains. And love.