Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Community Bike Program

Megan and I decided to take advantage of the incredible spring weather
and checked out a couple of our apartment complex's community bikes.
I called the sea foam green beach cruiser with a basket
and she called the baby blue one.
Too bad one tire was flat, 
so I grabbed the next cutest thing instead,
an old-school red bike with skinny wheels.
Something was terribly amiss with that poor old guy,
he kept changing gears every 4th pedal.
it worked just fine for a quick half hour cruise around Provo.
Did I mention this whole adventure took place in a skirt?
I think evening bike rides might just be my new favorite study break.

 (excuse our washed outness. we took this one mid-ride...skill, I know)

Happy Biking!  Oh Happy Life!


  1. linny look at you looking all snazzy and cute on your bike in your skirt. love it.

    see you in less than a year! by that i mean 48 hours.

  2. Reminds me of when we use to ride to the "orange" park -- you, Carly and me. You and Carly always wanted to be the leaders. Miss you and will see you in just about 1 more day!